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A true public servant, Karen has a well-earned reputation as a strong force for sustainable practices that positioned the county for long-term success. An effective commissioner for district needs, Marcus has championed a countywide perspective that leaves no resident behind.

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Re: They wanted a free ride, can you believe that?

Over a year ago a small group of special interest players got together behind our backs. What were they up to?

They wanted to choose your next Republican county commissioner in a backroom deal. Without you having a choice.

It’s true. They hatched a plan to buy this election for my opponent – and encourage a frivolous lawsuit to block me from the ballot. Yes, the special interest players wanted a free ride to get whatever they want.

They don’t like that I do my homework, the fact I’m an independent thinker.

And they thought we would back down. Wow, were they wrong.

Today, I am your best Republican candidate for Palm Beach county commission. A judge struck down their silly lawsuit designed to keep you from having a Republican choice on the ballot, and their hand-picked candidate is struggling.

You know my experience, the proven results, the way we worked together to transform our economy with technology jobs and new investment in all sectors. 

I’m ready to get back to work on the county commission – for you.

But the folks behind my opponent don’t like that, and they’ve stepped up their attacks. Filling your mailbox with hateful mailers, and negative TV ads our grandchildren shouldn’t have to see. 

It drives them crazy I won’t just go away. 

But the more they attack us, they more committed I am to continuing my public service, protecting our North County way of life – and keeping my promises to you. 

Talk soon,



  • Good luck , you can count on us . Tom

  • You go girl

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