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A true public servant, Karen has a well-earned reputation as a strong force for sustainable practices that positioned the county for long-term success. An effective commissioner for district needs, Marcus has championed a countywide perspective that leaves no resident behind.

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When Maria Marino hides behind her special interest friends – the ones who photoshopped Karen Marcus into an animal today and delivered that trash to your mailbox – it’s clear they will stop at nothing to buy this election.

It’s outrageous. Fake Republicans trying to steal this election from you.

Sure, politics is a tough business, and Karen Marcus knows it. But as our Republican Karen Marcus County Commissioner, she was always on your side.

Throughout her time as a public servant, Democrats and the insiders who want to profit from the taxpayers relentlessly attacked Karen. We expected that.

But today, Maria Marino and her Fake Republican friends have gone too far. 

This is the kind of thing President Trump has endured. Nasty, personal attacks.

They photoshopped Karen into an animal.

It’s outrageous. And it has to stop.

Because when fake Republicans attack a proven Republican leader – we all lose.

It’s clear they will do anything to beat Karen. Anything.

Because Karen won’t sell out like Maria Marino has.

Talk soon,

Team Karen

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