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A true public servant, Karen has a well-earned reputation as a strong force for sustainable practices that positioned the county for long-term success. An effective commissioner for district needs, Marcus has championed a countywide perspective that leaves no resident behind.

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Karen Marcus wins!

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Today a Palm Beach Circuit Court judge sided with Republican voters in Palm Beach County and Karen Marcus. His ruling confirms what we all knew: Republicans should be able to vote for the county commission candidate of their choice. And it confirms Karen Marcus will be on your ballot in August.

Why is this important? Because it’s just the first of many fights we need to have to elect the right Republican to the Palm Beach County Commission – Karen Marcus.

You see, Maria Marino and her special interest pals are planning to fill your mailbox and TV with hundreds of thousands of dollars of hateful negative mail and nasty ads. The same kind of awful attacks President Trump has to deal with. It’s wrong.

And about that lawsuit? It’s just like the legal attacks President Trump fights off almost daily.

In fact, it was Maria Marino’s buddy who filed the lawsuit that was rejected today. The same person who attacked Republican Senator and Republican Party of Florida Chair Joe Gruters for being a #NeverTrumper on June 1, 2020 on her own Twitter feed. 

Let’s call it what it is, Fake News!

And to be blunt: If someone will mislead you about Senator Gruters – the Co-CHAIR for President Trump’s 2016 campaign – can we believe a word she says about Karen Marcus?

Fact is everyone knew the lawsuit was nothing but a political stunt from the beginning. Karen Marcus respects term limits and voted to put them on the ballot. But we likely haven’t heard the last of the folks who want to use the legal system for their personal political games. 

Just like they are doing to President Trump.

We know Karen Marcus – and we trust her proven record of Republican public service. And no one should be swayed by the relentless attacks designed to buy an election for the special interests.

Talk soon,

Team Karen 

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