Common sense, results oriented

Ideas That Matter...

Challenging Times Call for Proven, Experienced Leadership.

Karen Marcus

Smart Solutions for More Efficient County Government

Karen has the private sector skills and public sector experience to make government work for you – not the other way around. She holds administrators to the highest standard and is a champion for technology-driven improvement that can better serve families, singles, and seniors.
Karen Marcus

Fiscally Responsible Budgeting to Protect Taxpayers

Karen balanced the Palm Beach County Budget year after year by making responsible choices. Her focus on common sense priorities, a long term view, and benchmarking protect taxpayers and small businesses.

Environment & Infrastructure Innovation

Karen never takes no for an answer when it comes to improving our infrastructure and safeguarding our environment, and Palm Beach County’s water resources, roads, and beaches are always front and center for her.
Karen Marcus

Responsible Choices to Safeguard Neighborhoods & Schools

Karen knows District 1 is a community of diverse neighborhoods. Her years of work within our community make her ready on day one to identify neighborhood needs and provide resources and support for our local schools.

Smart Growth Strategies to Protect our Future & Address Workforce Housing Needs

Karen knows the difference between responsible, high-quality development and the kind of projects we just don’t want. She has a well-earned reputation for saying “no” when developers ask for just too much, and a record of fighting for balanced projects that improve our county and provide for our diverse housing needs for families, seniors, teachers, and first responders.

Intelligent Traffic Management to Get Us Moving Again

We cannot just build new roads, we have to be smart about mobility. Smart signals, hi-tech traffic management, effective multi-modal transportation options – and yes, safe bike lanes and walking paths – are all part of Karen’s “all of the above” approach to fixing our congestion problems.

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