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A true public servant, Karen has a well-earned reputation as a strong force for sustainable practices that positioned the county for long-term success. An effective commissioner for district needs, Marcus has championed a countywide perspective that leaves no resident behind.

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July 4th is Independence Day. We celebrate our nation’s freedom – and our founders’ bold and brave vision for a brighter future.

We are lucky to be Americans – and Floridians!

I believe in public service. It’s why I committed years of my life to you as your Republican county commissioner – and why I’m running again to be your Republican voice on the county commission.

And it is why I will never, EVER bend to the special interests and insiders who thought they could hand pick their personal commissioner and buy this election for her.

It’s a fight worth fighting – and winning – for you and your family.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m so glad you are my neighbor.

Talk soon,


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