Karen Marcus


Vote Karen Marcus 2020

Be Part of Something Big

We all read the headlines. Coronavirus has changed the way we live. The stock market’s uncertainty has impacted all of us. And politics has gotten worse.

It’s time for back to basics, common sense leadership.

I am proud of the years of hard work I put in as your County Commissioner. We energized our local economy, improved our beaches and parks, supported our neighborhood needs, fought for better schools, and safeguarded our sensitive environmental assets in North County. Of course, we made sure developers paid their fair share to keep our infrastructure on track and made good decisions on mobility matters.

Since then, the world has become a more complicated place. The county government has to deal with ever-growing challenges, and now more than ever we need strong leaders working together. Collaborating. Innovating. Not caring who gets the credit as long as the job gets done.

Join me. Be part of something better than anyone of us. Let’s get Palm Beach County on a stronger, more sustainable track – together.

Karen Marcus