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A true public servant, Karen has a well-earned reputation as a strong force for sustainable practices that positioned the county for long-term success. An effective commissioner for district needs, Marcus has championed a countywide perspective that leaves no resident behind.

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 Attempted theft in Palm Beach County today?

As our County Commissioner, Republican Karen Marcus fought for common-sense solutions that kept us safe, and our economy on track. And after 8 years, Karen is ready to do it again – for us!

But there are people that don’t like that. They want to profit from the taxpayers with developer giveaways, backdoor deals.

But Karen stopped them. And they’re mad.

The same way they are mad at President Trump. Because he won’t back down either.

So they are trying to steal this election from Karen Marcus. Filling your mailbox with lies from a fake “business” in a P.O. Box.

They even filed a frivolous lawsuit to block Karen from the ballot that cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. A Judge rejected it, but it shows how far they will go to steal this election.

These are the kind of awful attacks President Trump has to deal with. It’s time to stop this.

Absentee ballots will be arriving soon. Let’s show the people trying to derail a good Republican woman that their relentless attacks designed to steal this election won’t work.

Vote Karen Marcus – the proven Republican in the race for Palm Beach County Commission, District 1.

Talk soon,

Team Karen

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